Our Cadre and Staff

Rob AndersonIMG_1747

Rob founded Adventure IQ in 1987 as a way to get men he served with out to explore and adventure in Germany. His first class was held in the fall of 1987 where he taught guys he served with how to rappel down cliffs close to his home, were he saw an immediate connection to how men lived their lives in a brotherhood and adventure.

Rob has an MA in Organizational Behavior and Organization Psychology with Post-Graduate studies in Survival Psychology, Male Addiction, and Team Leadership Development. He holds  Bachelors Degrees in Criminal Justice and Corporate Training. He has served as a Dive Instructor, SAR Team Leader, Joint Forces liaison, Anti-Terrorist Police, Emergency Services Team (EST), and Ground Combat Instructor. Rob has experience in multiple countries and working knowledge of several languages and customs, he strives to learn more about surviving the world around him.

Rob holds advance certifications in Diving, Wilderness First Responder, Private Pilot, Experiential Training (High/Low Ropes Facilitation) Emergenetics, Instructional Systems Design and Gamification. He has completed both Wild at Heart Boot Camp and Advanced Courses held by John Eldredge and Ransomed Heart Ministry.

Jumping out of airplanes and helicopters, diving, blowing stuff up, and working with some of the greatest professionals, Rob served 13 years with the Air Force in several joint Army/ Air Force units.

Dan Drake

Dan brings an interesting mix to the team. He serves both a role as in instructor and logisticsIMG_6159 guru. He graduated Boise State in 1997 with a BA in Criminal Justice, from Golden Gate Baptist Seminary in 2000 and an MA in Intercultural Ministry. Currently a Deputy, he has  worked in ministry, corrections and patrol. Dan is an avid hunter and harvested his first rabbit at 9 years old. He gives back to the community where he teaches IDFG Hunters Education and Bow Hunters Education. He is also an expert shot with the long bow.

Greg Barron

We are blessed to have one of the best team medics anywhere.

Greg has been a rafter/kayaker/safety boater since 1998. His outdoor interest have always included hiking and fishing. Joining the team in 2013, he has worked with several AIQ projects supporting overlanding adventures including a massive project to build an adventure trailer to explore backroads of the West.
IMG_6535Greg Holds a Masters of Nursing as a Family Nurse Practitioner from University of South Alabama and is an expert in back country and wilderness medicine. He graduated in 1997 with an Associates Degree in nursing from Boise State University, and quickly followed in 2009 with bachelors degree in nursing from University of Wisconsin, Green-Bay. Greg served four years active service in the USAF as a medic.




Travis Rosenberry

IMG_6198A graduate of the University of Idaho, Travis has a deep understanding of wildlife, botany, and geology. He is a self-taught outdoorsman, knows falcons better than anybody, and has a heart that pursues God in the wild. Teaming up with Scott McGann he has been able to share his knowledge of fishing at our annual survival camp for kids.


Abeni Anderson

IMG_4538Abeni is the youngest member of the team. Even though she has been raised in the AIQ lifestyle, it was important she complete both a survival practicum as well as an age appropriate teaching practicum. She has a love for working hands-on with other kids and has proven herself a valuable member of the team. She has enjoyed archery since she was four and  is an avid outdoor kid.  Don’t let her age fool you, she has been doing this stuff since birth and can handle herself pretty well. She completed her solo survival requirements (age appropriate) in 2013 and continues to develop her own skills. She will de her survival solo at the adult level in 2016 and recently certified as an open water diver!

Bring you hearing protection- Abby has rocked the house with her skills on the drums!

Melissa Anderson

Mrs Adventure IQ. Melissa is the glue that keeps it all together. Outdoor photographer, scuba diver, mountain biker, and hiker, she married into a life of adventure and has not looked back. She brings a unique skill set of back country cooking and K9 first-aid that the team needs for balance. She is often found in various roles including assisting the instructor team, doing admin work, printing t-shirts, and “other duties as needed”. Melissa was a key part of the relaunch in 2003 to bring more focus on family leadership. One of her first adventure dates was a canoe trip and she was engaged underwater.

She holds degrees  and certificates in administration and veterinary sciences. Melissa completed her solo in 2014.

On a side note she has survived broken collar-bone, nasal embolism, and numerous other adventure-based accidents.

Guest Instructors

On an as needed basis, Adventure IQ brings on guest instructors to fill roles where the team has gaps or needs another trained facilitator to meet student-instructor ratios.

Scott McGann

Kami McGann

Nathan Corson

Bruce Cooper

Trail Crew

This is an elite level of boosters consisting of individuals and organizations that have made a significant contribution to helping us move forward in the AIQ mission in both a long term and continuous basis.

We could not pull off many of our programs and adventures without our volunteer force and these individuals have gone the extra mile, in some cases 24/7 support for our endeavors.

Carl Bloomquist, Scott McGann, Pastor Mike, Scott and Sue Drayton, Greg Barron, Dan Drake, Bruce and Andrea Cooper, Michelle Carskadon, James Stone, Amber Beckstead Owens…

trail crew



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