AIQ Lewis and Clark Challenge


The expedition of the newly acquired territory took a great deal of skill and tenacity. American scouts relied on little equipment to discover the America we know now.

For many of us, these men have been an inspiration, so I thought that a challenge would be a good homage to them.

The AIQ challenge is with the following generic kit list spend two consecutive nights out in the woods. You must construct at least one camp tool while out (spoon, cup, tongs, etc)

You need to video it to be successful and tell the story on the AIQ Facebook Page.

The Kit

2 wool blankets or one bedroll.
waterproof tarp.
axe or saw.
flint and steel/ ferro rod and striker
tinder box
water bottle
hobo can.
lighting preferably candle but flashlight is ok
basic water filter
rucksack to carry items in, kudos if you carry it in a haversack

If fire bans or common sense dictates and you cannot have an open fire either a stove or fire box is fine.
If water is not readily available at usual site then an extra two gallons is permitted but you must still boil it to “purify”

NO big prizes just t-shirts, stickers, and bandanas….oh and huge bush cred for completing the challenge

Please consider personal safety at all times doing this challenge – we are not responsible (legal stuff you know)

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