Intermediate Training Journal- Outing #8

Another random (well backward) posting of my training journals–

24 November 2014

I had to do Outing #8/ Overnight #1 twice due to weather and being an awesome husband and rescuing my bride from the recent snow storm and artic blast.
Not only focused on the overnight- I wanted to revisit some of the previous skills I had been learning- knock out a few required and elective classes, and continue my fascination with natural chared materials.

Venturing out to the wet post-snow single digit temps along the Payette River in SW Idaho, I set up on what has to be the world’s largest cobblestone field. I specifically looked for an area that would allow me some solitude- yet not interfere with deer season. It was tough—but I know a little postage stamp area that has limited public access to do this.
On my first trip – I used my poncho as my improvised shelter so I would get credit for that part of the class. On my second journey however I was too excited about using my new BCUSA tarp and stayed in that instead. I will knock out my improvised shelter on another planned trip this week –so not worried about it—I use my poncho and visqueen all the time—so no big deal.

Temps were punishing all week—but I caught a break. Sleeping in a heat wave of 14 degrees at night and 27 as a daytime high…. I caught some relief though— 

I found an old cardboard tube that after unrolling it—was going to use for a fire reflector- and after consideration—opted to use it as my improvised bedding— which was great for several reasons— about a billion cobblestones in my back, a cold damp ground where everything under snow became everything under water, and last….credit for the improvised insulated bed. 

I also worked on Splitwood Fire #4 (video says #3) – opting to use lodge pole.
I tried several other charring experiments including various bark and seed pods. Will post pics later….

Got quite chilly after my fire lost the battle to a down pour about 4 am or so. I did get up from my dry shelter area and fixed hash browns and bacon. I fell asleep for about 5 min while the bacon burned…in my part of the world—we just call it “blackened”.
Headed back into town to grab my kiddo to bring her out to work on her basic skills.
Here are the short vids—will post linger vid and pics later…

On a side note— love my new BCUSA tarp— was the first time I ever used a ridgeline.


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